Dr Akilah's Herbal Bath Mixes


Below is a list of our premium brand of herbal mixes 'specially selected' by our Master Herbalist Dr. Akilah El. She created these herbal bath teas personally. These organic botanicals will provide a peaceful and calming effect on the mind while promoting physical and mental relaxation. An excellent way to relieve tension and stress.

Indulge yourself with one of our herbal bath mixes while taking a warm bath or soaking your feet in a portable foot spa. You can do it before bed for a good night sleep or during the day for a moment of "Me Time".


Our Herbal Mixes are available in three sizes.

* Starter - 3 Cup Bag (enough for 4 to 6 baths). Crystal and reusable unbleached cotton muslin bag included!
* Refill - 6 Cup Bag (enough for 8 to 12 baths).  (crystal stone and muslin bag not included)
* Trial Size - Enough for 1 bath. Packaged in a reusable unbleached cotton muslin bag and sealed for freshness. (crystal stone not included)

These herbal pouches are very versatile. They may be used as a compress on your forehead, neck and temples. Use as an “herbal washcloth,” with or without soap. When finished empty,rinse and allow to dry. For external use only!


Full Body Bath Detox

Ingredients: Angelica Root, Lavender and Alfalfa Leaf

Starters include Tiger's Eye Crystal

Full Body Herbal Bath Detox: Starter w/crystal
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Full Body Herbal Bath Detox: Refill (Herbs Only)
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Full Body Herbal Bath Detox: Trial Size (Herbs Only)
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High Vibe Bath Mix

Ingredients: Lemon Peels, Hibiscus Flower and Hyssop

Starters include Amethyst Crystal

High Vibe Bath Mix: Starter w/crystal
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High Vibe Bath Mix: Refill (Herbs Only)
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High Vibe Bath Mix: Trial Size (Herbs Only)
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Directions: Place crystal at the bottom of the muslin bag and fill it with 3 - 4 heaping tablespoons of herbs. Close tightly and hang bag from faucet and allow hot water to run through the bag. Or place bag in bath under very warm running water. Squeeze bag to release the botanical essence. Relax and soak for minimum of 20 minutes.

All orders placed before 10:00 AM EST will be shipped out the same day (except for Saturdays and Sundays). For information about our products kindly email Bruce info@celestialhealing.net Please be advised that we are not responsible for products held or delayed by customs shipped outside the United States. By purchasing any of our herbal supplements or the products above you agree to abide by our Return and Refund Policy.


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