Basic Iridology

August 15, 2016 (Monday)

8:00pm EST

Q & A Session Following the Conclusion of Class

Registration Price: $125

Basic Iridology eBook will be emailed to each student after registering


Every part of the body is physically linked to the eye by the nervous system. This makes it very easy to "see" potential issues of each system of the body long before they may be manifested by undesirable symptoms.

Enlisting the latest European Iridology methods, as well as the traditional Jensonian American Iridology method, this seminar will focus on the practical application of iris analysis and interpretation.

The eye is the window to the body. Many aspects of health can be observed without complex procedure or expensive equipment. This technique has made Iridology one of the most effective and inexpensive methods of understanding what is going on inside the body at a glance.

By understanding the science of Iridology, the actual cause of the unwanted symptoms (or future unwanted symptoms) can be easily determined. Knowing how to address those causes with the best natural methods means the best possible result for everyone.

•Learn to identify tendencies and weak areas as early as possible
•How to communicate and interact with clients for best results
•How to overcome common misunderstandings and objections
•Great visual aids for best comprehension of the material



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