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My sister lives in Atlanta, GA and was raving about Dr Akilah and all that she has done for her. My sister was scheduled to have a myomectomy because her fibroids grew from 6cm to 15cm and she was in terrible pain. Four months before her surgery my sister went to see Dr Akilah. She kept this visit a secret until the day of surgery. The doctors told her that a myomectomy would be unnecessary because there werenít any fibroids inside her uterus. After she told me this I wanted desperately to see Dr Akilah because I too had uterine fibroids and my doctor had insisted that I get a hysterectomy because a myomectomy would be too difficult due to the position of the fibroid.


I wanted to see Dr Akilah about helping me but I live in Concord, NH and couldnít afford to fly to Atlanta. When I told my sister about my conflict she suggested that I talk to Dr Akilah on the phone. At first I thought this was a bad idea because I knew that someone like Dr Akilah would not have time to talk to me on the phone, but my sister told me that Dr Akilah does phone consultation for those individuals who canít visit her in person. The next day I scheduled an appointment with Dr Akilah for a phone consultation.


During our phone consultation I was a little nervous in the beginning of our conversation. However, Dr Akilah was very down to earth and humorous. After laughing a couple of times I suddenly forgot about my jitters. Dr Akilah was wonderful. She asked me specific questions and told me things that I didnít know about my body.She also told me things that were happening to my body that I didnít share with her. She said to me ďAre you still waking up between 3:00am to 4:00am to urinate? Has the acne on your back gotten worse or is it still the same? I WAS FLOORED!!!!!!! How did she know that? Needless to say, Dr Akilah went beyond my expectations. After our phone consultation, Dr Akilah faxed over my person health program for my condition. She would check on be through email and periodically call me.


After being on her program for three weeks I had energy out of this world. The next month I lost a total of 15lbs. I also use to suffer with painful cramps during my menstrual cycle, however, when my cycle came the pain didnít. No more bloating, blood clots, constipation and most of all mood swings. <My husband thanks Dr Akilah every month for that.>


Three months later I visit my doctor to have an ultra sound to see the condition of my fibroids. While I was waiting in my examination room my doctor came in with this look on his face. He asked me what was I doing to myself? When I asked why, he told me that all of my fibroids are gone except one which is the size of a dime. Hallelujah!!!!


When Dr Akilah asked me to write a testimony, I was more than happy to do so. Sometimes I feel a little guilty because writing a testimony seems so minute compared to what Dr Akilah has done for me. I am telling all my friends and family about Dr Akilah and many of them have reaped the benefits of her knowledge and kindness as well.


I am so glad that God has blessed me with his angle whose name is Dr Akilah.




Beth Williamson

Concord, NH


I learned so much from you during our phone consultation. You were so nice and funny that I had to ask myself if I was really talking to a doctor or my best friend. Itís been two weeks and I am seeing results already. Thank you so much.


Peter Monroe

Dallas, Texas



I just wanted to send you this e-card thanking you for such a wonderful experience. I had an online consultation with you three months ago about my cholesterol and hypertension. I am proud to say that my cholesterol is at 165. This is great since it use to read 280 four months ago. My doctor has taken me off all my high blood pressure and water retention medication. I lost 25lbs and I canít believe I look forward to drinking my fresh carrot and celery juice that you recommended to me.


There are no words to express my gratitude to you Dr Akilah.I look forward to our next online chat.


Rochelle Peters

Petersburg, VA


Hi Dr Akilah remember me? The guy from Orlando Florida? Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that after our online consultation I researched everything that you suggested to me. Itís not that I donít trust you but I wanted to be sure that everything you told me to do was going to help me. I checked all the herb books I could find, and holistic websites. I have to say that you do indeed know your stuff. I was really convinced when my aunt read the program you put me on. ďWOW SHEíS GOOD!!!! SHE IS USING HERBS AND METHODS I FORGOT ALL ABOUT.Ē After hearing that I knew I was on my way to better health.(By the way, my aunt is a famous herbalist from California.)Itís been three weeks since our last session and my face has completely cleared up. My stomach has flatten some and I donít sneeze anymore when I wake up. I think my allergies are gone but I feel itís too soon to tell.


I wanted to let you know that I am glad that I went with my gut feelings and scheduled that online consultation with you. You have turned this doubting Thomas into a believer.


Keep up the good work!


Roger Goldstein

Orlando, Florida


Hi Doc

Just dropping a note to update you on my Dad. You did a phone consultation with him a month ago after he was released from the hospital from having his second heart attack. His medical doctors put him on 8 different medications for nearly everything from lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, water tablets, blood clots, steroids, etc. My dad was very upset about taking all those different pills and for the first time in my life I saw him depressed and helpless. Out of desperation I came to you and paid for his personal one on one phone consultation. I don't know what you told my dad during his phone consultation that day but he was like his old self again afterwards. He was full of hope and started on your program immediately. He went to his private physician last week for his monthly follow up and to their surprise my dad's blood pressure and cholesterol readings were normal. He also regain all the feeling back that he lost in his left arm. His doctor said that if he continues to improve like this he'll take him off all those medications.

Thank you for bringing my dad back to his original self.

God bless you.

Macy, Denver Colorado

"Hello All. I am writing this testimony in support of a very well kept secret that goes by the name of Dr Akilah El. I had two phone consultations with her so far for my panic attacks and depression. Before talking to her I was paying hundreds of dollars to see a psychiatrist with little to no help. I was also taking expensive prescription drugs for this problem. Everything from Zoloft, Paxal, to most recently Cymbalta. These expensive drugs never really worked that well for me, they pretty much masked the real problems until they came back. I researched the web for anything that would really help me and tried out some others before I found Dr Akilah. While researching the web I found more and more links connected to Celestial Healing Wellness Center. I came to the site and read basically every page there. I saw the testimony page and realized that I was on the right track. The testimonies really helped me to make the decision to give Dr Akilah a try, and I am so Happy that I did.

After our first phone consultation I felt really good. Dr Akilah really educated me and made me aware of some bad decisions I was making with my mental health. She created an herbal list for me and I went to my local herb store to purchase them right away in addition to doing some emotional exercises she highly recommended.

Two days after being on her program I begin to feel better. I felt more awake and ready to take on the days challenges, not tired and afraid of anything that may happen unexpectedly in the course of the day. That feeling of Panic and Fear seemed to slip away from my mind. As I kept taking my herbs and doing my assigned emotional exercises day after day I felt my body and mind become more relaxed and at ease. I felt better to cope with the stressful situations at work and with my family. Its been about 4 months now since I started Dr Akilah's program and I feel 90% better and the feelings of Panic and Fear is back to levels where I am able to control them, they have almost completely gone away. Now I look forward every morning to waking up and taking control of my life, and not being scared to go out with my friends and try new and exciting things. I have also been able to sleep much better at night since I started Dr Akilah's program, and that helps me feel less stressed. The list of Herbs, Vitamins and emotional exercises that Dr Akilah uses really does heal your mind and body. With all the other treatments I have taken in the past ( Paxil, Zoloft, and Cymbalta) Her program can do the same thing if not alot better, not to mention the amount of money that I have saved using her services over more expensive prescription drugs and psychiatric visits. The other great thing I like about using herbs is not having to worry about all the negative side effects that will happen when using prescription drugs. The only side effect I have found from using the herbs Dr Akilah list is I smile alot more and I am actually not agitated throughout the day, now those are side effects I can live with. I think everyone can benefit from Dr Akilah's help. Especially from someone who has panic attacks in their life or someone who is feeling overwhelmed from everyday stress that there unable to cope with. If your researching natural alternatives to any prescription medications that your medical doctor prescribed for you than contact Dr Akilah today! I thought all the hype I read on her web page was a bunch of tree huggers who he nothing better to do, but now I am one of the people writing to let everyone know how great Dr Akilah is!! If she is this amazing over the phone I can't imagine how power she is to see in person!!!!!

I am proud to be one of her many success stories.

Ted B - Harrisburg, PA


"I live in Erie, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately we don't have any Naturopathic Doctors in my area. I was suffering with stage 3 of breast cancer. The medical Doctors gave up on Me because I refuse to undergo chemotherapy again. I couldn't afford to fly to Atlanta, GA so I opted to have a phone consultation with Dr Akilah instead. Three years later, I celebrated my fiftieth birthday CANCER FREE! I'm glad I made that call."

Mrs. Warrington-- Eric Penn


"One morning I woke up feeling awful. My head was throbbing, I had a fever and felt cold and nauseous. I was too sick to go to the Doctor let alone work. I just got my job 3 weeks ago and I couldn't afford to take another sick day after that one. My referred me to call Dr. Akilah. Luckily I was able to get a mid evening emergency phone consultation. After discussing my situation and answering several questions Dr Akilah had for me, she gave me a remedy to get me back on my feet. As predicted, the next morning I was well enough to go back to work. The day after that, I was my back to my old self again. It's good to have a Doctor right at your fingertips."

Pattie Wilkums-- Maine


"I live in the Atlanta, GA area but it's hard for me to take off work unless it's an emergency. I decided to have a phone consultation with Dr Akilah on my lunch break. After I faxed her a copy of my ultra sound we begin to discuss therapies on shrinking my fibroids. That was a year ago. Today, I am happy to announce that my fibroids are gone and I went to see Dr Akilah in person just to thank her. She's such a blessing to us all."

S. Richards-- Smyrna GA


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