On-Site Chair Massage

"We're Mobile. We Come To You"


On-Call * Certified * Professional

Massage Therapist

Treat Your Clients, Reward Your Employees, Refresh Yourself!


Here are some fantastic suggestions for using an on-site chair massage.


· Show appreciation to a long-standing client or company in a new and memorable way.
· Improve productivity from employees who are stressed and work long hours.
· Show a form of appreciation and reward to an employee for dedication and/or a job well done.
· Reduce lost work time from an increase in employee sick days.
· Reduce stress and tention.
· Improve memory and concentration
· Improve management and employee relationship
· 100% Tax-deductible (see your Tax Specialist fo rmore info)
· Perk up business meetings and conferences.

Private or Personal

**Conference, Conventions or Fairs!**
Draw the attention of the crowd to your booth or event. Your business will shine. Where there is a massage, there is a line.


Make your event so special that your guests will really have something to enjoy and talk about. This is truly a party pleaser.

Family Gatherings
Finish off a great meal with a good relaxing massage. Your family will love you for it.


Attention Athletes, Body Builders, Aerobic Workers & Physical Trainers

On-site sports chair massage is for anyone who is involved in weekend recreational sporting activities right through to the professional athlete. Our massage can help athletes prevent sports related injuries during practice or event. Many Athletes love our vigorous warm-up massage which helps stimulates the muscles for better performance. Our Pre-Event Massage tone muscles, improve blood and lymphatic flow which helps respiratory performance; improve flexibility of muscles; aid in stress reduction; help prevent muscular adhesions; clear lactic acid build-up which improves recovery time; assist rehabilitation of sporting injuries such as sprains, strains and muscle stiffness; remove painful muscle spasms; improve performance and endurance.

Cramped muscles, pulled tendons, or just plain sore and fatigued? A sports massage before and after the competition or game will relax those muscles and tendons while healing them in the process.


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