Classes and Lectures

Celestial Healing Wellness Center offers in person and online classes. Our online learning center connects the world to our wellness experts. Here is where you will find the best online classes for alternative health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. Our Learning Center is your home for education. Here you will find the tools you need to help you on your journey towards optimal health.

To view the list of our current classes and webinars in addition to all of our other upcoming events simply

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Live Classes

Celestial Healing Wellness Center promotes classes in all levels of alternative medicine, wellness, nutrition and fitness. We offer training and certification courses in addition to apprenticeship.

Our live classes are a top priority year-round. Our holistic based classes are offered throughout the year to help each participant reach their optimum level of education.

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To book Dr Akilah for lectures or speaking engagements please call our main office 770-603-0141 or email






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