Emotional Stress Therapy

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In order for us to be whole beings, we need to balance the mind, body and soul. Our certified counselors will provide a variety of counseling techniques that improves the behavior, emotions, and other issues of the mi nd. A healthy sense of Self would be one in which body, mind, and spirit are joined and at peace with each other. For the body to be healed, we must first heal the mind. Here is where you get started.

Celestial Healing provide the following therapies for mental wellness:


Counseling and/or therapy from a certified professional who understands the importance of the mind/body/spirit connection. Wholistic Counseling can take many forms depending on the practitioner. Its methods often combine traditional humanistic techniques, with wholistic methods such as guided meditation, relaxation and visualization training.


The treatment of emotional, mental or spiritual problems, using a variety of techniques, to elicit deep inner healing and promote self-awareness and change. Clients can resolve upsetting emotions, thoughts and life situations by talking with a skilled, professional who assists them in mobilizing or gaining inner resources for healing, well-being, inner peace and improved quality of life.


This type of counseling varies widely depending upon the practitioner, but involves talking about issues from a spiritual or religious perspective. The counselor may use intuition or draw upon spiritual guidance as resources for assisting the client.


The identification of stress and its affect upon a person¹s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Stress management is learned techniques to reduce, eliminate or manage stress. As a result, people are able to achieve a state of balance and are better equipped to manage future stressors when they occur.


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All the above therapies can be provided via online or phone. Please email our service department for more information. All online or phone counseling sessions are strictly confidential. To schedule an appointment email us at services@celestialhealing.net.to view our prices and packages click here

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 These exercises are guaranteed to help release any emotional baggage from the past.  When you have completed this exercise get ready for your blessings to come flowing through. To View or Print Our Healing Ritual click on one of the links below.


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