By Dr. Akilah El



Many of us hold on to negativity because we believe that the other person that caused us pain, anger, hatred, guilt, sadness, fear, and/or resentment is affected by our actions and thoughts. When people hurt us we want to hurt them back. We want them to experience our pain, so we hold on to the negative experience.  Holding on to these negative experiences is the KEY reason why we are bonded to the situation we want to escape.


When we encounter a similar situation the subconscious mind shifts the memory that is stored from past experience and brings it to the conscious mind. We recreate the initial situation and react not to the present, but to the experience we had 2, 10, 30 even 50 years ago. Holding on to negative experiences causes us to over burden our spirits. We begin to invest in hate and not in healing.


Unfortunately, when we hold on to these negative emotions, we are denying our inner power to grow. We are suffocating our spirits. The only way to free our spirit and allow it to grow and keep growing is to FORGIVE.


We all are held accountable for what we say, do and think. When we send negative thoughts, say negative words, or do negative things we believe that we are hurting the other party but we are really hurting ourselves. When we send out negative energy, you recreate the negative experience all over again. This is why many of us say; “Why does this always happen to me?”  It happens to you because you were not taught how to LET GO!


We can only let go by forgiving others.


Forgiveness is a major step towards spiritual growth and development. Forgiveness comes from the heart and not the mouth. When we forgive, we understand who we are and what our purpose on this earth is suppose to be.  Forgiveness brings peace and harmony into our lives. It allows us to be free of any and all negative experiences. When we are free we are open to the experience of love, joy, happiness, success and peace. When we forgive, we learn. When we learn, we grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.


If you are not receiving good things in your life, you need to forgive. If you are not giving freely and feeling good about it, you need to forgive. If there is someone in your life that you have negative emotion for or bad memories of, you need to forgive them. If you are feeling lonely, confused, desperate, frustrated, and depressed, you need to forgive. Forgiveness is like a spiritual cleanse, which purges the mind, heart and spirit. The following exercise contains a healing ritual that will help release past hurts of those you remember and those you do not.

This exercise requires 30 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes at night before bed. You must be committed to doing these exercises twice a day for 7 days. If you miss one session (morning or night) you must start ALL OVER. To cheat in this exercise is to cheat yourself out of receiving your blessings. Be committed and stick to it.


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