Healing Foods to Cure Bloating

How to avoid and remedy stomach bloat

By Betty Palmer


Here are 5 foods that will help cure bloating

Daikon Radish - This radish actually helps lower your cholesterol. You may be tempted to shred some on top of your bacon cheeseburger (and hey, no judgment!) but if you try it in a salad on a regular basis, you'll help reduce that heart attack risk.

Ginger - Cleaning, stomach-settling, what can't this amazing root do? Boil some in water, add it to your fried rice, or gnaw on it. Either way, you're doing your system a big old favor.

Whole Grains - Rather it's oatmeal, quinoa, or multi-grain (and sugar-free) bread, bulking up on your whole grains will do double duty. You'll be helping to lower your cholesterol from all that fatty meat you had during the holidays, and helping move everything through the colon. Ahhh, doesn't that feel better?

Kale/Collard Greens/Spinach - Those dark and leafy greens are perfect for bulking up on your iron without adding meat to your diet. Additionally, hello good digestion!

Berries - You know fruit is good for you, but some fruit is better than others. The berry family offers up antioxidants which are crazy good for you and your blood stream, while having the added benefit of being low in sugar.


How to avoid bloating

Keep things moving: constipation is one major enemy when it comes to bloating.  To fight constipation, eat  plenty of fiber-rich foods, drink lots of water, and treat yourself with many fruits and vegetables.

Expose hidden food allergies: Many people suffers from some form of food allergies or intolerances without knowing it.  Those silent allergies can create contribute to many health conditions including water retention. The most common silent allergens are wheat and gluten, dairy products, eggs, soy, beans and nuts. Keeping a food log for a few weeks can be a good way to spot hidden allergies.

Eat slowly: Faster you eat, better are the chances you’ll absorb air in your stomach. When you swallow air, it first get stuck in your belly, making your bloat, before finding a (noisy) way out. So take the time to chew!  Carefully chewing will also help your digestion.

Avoid carbonated drinks and chewing gum: Carbonated drinks like sodas and fizzy drinks and carbonated water can contribute to bloating by making you swallow air and C02. The same thing goes for chewing gum. So to keep your breath fresh, try chewing a few sprigs of fresh mint instead.

Limit your sodium intake: This is a big one when it comes to bloating. Too much salt in your diet can baldy increase water retention and cellulite.  Too much salt in your diet can also lead to so many health problems.

Eat anti-bloating foods: By helping your digestion, those foods are real anti-bloating foods. So next time you have troubles with your digestion and feel bloated, try eating some of these: peppermint, ginger, parsley or probiotics.


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