Nutritional Consultation

Celestial Healing will provide clients with an in-depth nutritional consultation and wellness evaluation. The client will be given a specific and personal health program containing educational information that will help them achieve optimum health

Consultations take a minimum of 1 hour to allow a thorough assessment of your state of health, your concerns and your goals. During your initial visit, you and your consultant will develop a personalized profile and strategy to help you attain your health goals. All consultations consist of an Iridology exam, nutritional assessment, lifestyle analysis, stress rating and eating evaluation. Shortly after your testing the results will be discussed immediately. Towards the end of your consultation a personalized program is given to you consisting of a list of herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements along with a thorough food /eating guide to follow. An emotional therapy guideline is also given along with this program for those who need it.

These procedures are available to you as part of your nutritional profile which will help us make an educated choice on which supplements and therapies to suggest on your behalf.

Celestial Healing will provide a follow up phone call or email to monitor your progress. Our office is available to our clients for questions or comments about their program or personal herbal/nutritional questions. Follow up office visits are recommended after the initial visit until health goal is achieved. Follow up consultations allow us to track your progress and fine-tune your nutritional program.

What's Included:

All In-person consultations are approximately between 60 - 90 minutes long. For more information please email


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