Our online classes are preferred by individuals who may not be able to attend wellness related classes in person due to various reasons. There are many benefits to taking our online classes. Along with the benefits of avoiding classroom distractions, some individuals simply learn better in a quiet environment where they can think critically and control their educational experience. They can log on to our online course from a home office, hotel room, or library. They can also keep up with upcoming classes in addition to watching recently aired classes. Learning from our virtual class section is very easy and convenient; you can use the restroom or get a drink or snack when you want, without causing a disturbance or missing out on any content. Setting your own comfort level can help with relaxation and stress reduction. This is the reason why you will find our classes enjoyable and addicting.



Pay-Per-View Class

How To Build Your Immune System [COVID-19 Edition]

As coronavirus and flu concerns continue, many people are looking for ways to protect themselves and stay healthy. While doctors say training your immune system is something people need to be doing all year long, there are some steps people can take right now.

Watch this video to learn how you can strengthen your defense against Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses with detailed step-by-step instructions.This video is 2 hour. This Video Class is available for 3 days after purchase. Click Here For Instant Access Do not purchase this VOD through your mobile phone, IPad or Tablet. You must use either your laptop or computer.

Price - $25

Healing Our Womb - Fibroid Shrinking Class [FAQ Session]

This video is 1 hour and 12 minutes long. It was the final part to the Live Class which aired on January 8, 2014 where participants of the class were allowed to ask Dr. Akilah questions pertaining to the subject matter. This class comes with a downloadable handout that contains the questions asked during this session.

This Video Class is available for 3 days after purchase. Click Here For Instant Access

Price - $49

Whole Body Detoxing [Step by Step Guide]

If you wanted to learn how to detox your body, naturally and effectively then this is for you. This video will teach you how to implement a complete full body detox program. The whole body Detox Program taught in this webinar incorporates a series of detoxes, making sure you go step-by-step and thoroughly cleanse everything from toxins & heavy metals to stones and even excess fat from the liver, kidneys and colon. Learn everything you need to know about detox diets, juice fasting, colon health, liver detoxing, blood cleansing, and much more.



Price - $65


Upcoming Classes and Webinars

Below is a list of classes, lectures and webinars we have scheduled for this year. Feel free to register for the ones that interest you. If you miss our live classes you will be able to watch the prerecorded version at a later date. Remember, our "live" classes are limited to 50 people so spots fill up fast – reserve yours now!


Classes or Webinars
October 14, 2019
8:00 pm
Eastern Time
Price: $125

Basic iridology

This online basic irdiology class is intended for lay persons and anyone in the health field wanting to understand and begin practicing the fundamentals of Iridology. Prior knowledge is not necessary. The class will help students develop the confidence to analyze human iris for the major landmarks of health and dis-ease. This is the only online iridology class that teach individuals to read all types of eyes. Including those of African decent and Hispanics.

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November 16, 2019
Eastern Time
Price: FREE

Fibroid Shrinking Teleseminar

There are so many women around the world dealing with Fibroid Tumors. Not only are they dealing with the fact that they have uterine fibroid tumors but they also have to cope with the symptoms that Fibroid Tumors bring. The “Medical Doctors” are more than willing to use harsh and cruel methods to treat fibroid tumors which are unnecessary and hazardous to women’s health. Stop being a victim of Medical Ignorance! Learn how to heal and protect your uterus NOW! Click Here To Register......