Personal Training by Phone


Imagine me training you over the phone regardless of your location or situation. I will provide you with step by step exercise instructions to empower you to take control of your fitness goals. This program is excellent for all individuals regardless of location. I am prepared to give you the motivation and step by step instructions to reach your goals.

With most exercise programs people stop because they focus on the changes related to long term goals. With my Phone Training you will see how you have burned a few more calories, lost a few more inches and worked out a little more today then the day before. 

Personal Training by Phone can be done at your home or office

Personal Training by Phone gives you personal control and independence over your motivation and results. The more responsibility you are given the more committed you are to your results and the sooner you'll progress to your goals.


When driving to your workout, your Personal Training by Phone session will have you motivated and prepared for your goal at hand. Personal Training by Phone can be done on your drive home to work or the gym.

  Your Personal Training by phone sessions dosen't have to stop because your out of town or on vacation. Your personal trainer is just a phone call away.


Anyone can commit to a regularly scheduled 5-20 minute session once a week or more.   This can be done at home, on vacation, in the gym, anytime, anywhere.  Personal Training by Phone is versatile for your convenience.  You can partake with your personal training call no matter where you are. With certain people's fast paced lifestyles Personal Training by Phone is ideal without committing to a personal trainer's schedule and canceling an expensive session at the last minute.


How many times have you started a workout program, but quit because you did not have the motivation or knowledge to stay with it? With Personal Training by Phone, this will not happen and the fraction of the price compared to having a personal trainer meet you. We design the program best suited for your personal needs, then keep you on track and excited about it by calling you on specific days for motivation, answers to your questions and the steps you need to take for ultimate results. If you have your own program, we will use the same steps for you to achieve your goals as we would if we designed your program!



We have 2 types of calls:

The REMINDER CALLS for the person who knows what to do, but just needs that reminder to keep them on track.

The PERSONAL TRAINING CALLS for the person who needs step by step instruction, training methods, nutritional coaching and motivation to reach their health or fitness goals.


REMINDER CALLS - A personal trainer will remind you by phone each day and time you specify to keep you on your health goals whether it be for exercise, nutrition, etc.

Cost per reminder - $26
4 - 7 Reminders: $21 per Reminder
8 - 11 Reminders: $19 per Reminder
12 Reminders and up: $17 per Reminder

PERSONAL TRAINER CALLS - A personal trainer will train you by phone each day and time you specify to put you through a step by step workout routine.

Cost per session - $56 
4 - 7 Sessions: $46 per Session
8 - 11 Sessions:$44 per Session
12 Sessions and up: $41 per Session

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