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If you are not located in the Atlanta area then use our phone or online services. The services that we provide in-person can also be provided via phone or online. Celestial Healing Wellness Center has clients all over the world so don’t let your location stop you from benefiting from our alternative services.

We are not a medical facility and we DO NOT conduct any medical procedures or prescribe pharmaceutical medications/drugs. Nor do we want too!!!!


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Dr. Akilah is no longer offering consulations to women suffering from fibroid tumors. Please check the News section for more information




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Did You Know?

Despite mainstream medical establishments and media outlets portraying multivitamin supplements as worthless and oftentimes toxic, vitamins have led to 0 deaths over the past 27 years. In contrast, pharmaceutical drugs were responsible for 3 million deaths, topping the death toll from traffic-related incidents. In 2009, pharmaceuticals were responsible for the death of 37,485 people nationwide.

The statistics come from the Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers' National Poison Data System (NPDS), and the findings go against the claims of most mainstream doctors and medical officials, who claim that pharmaceutical drugs are the only 'science-backed' method to 'treating' illness. However, the report highlights the fact that pharmaceuticals oftentimes lead to death and countless other side effects. In fact, the number of hospitalizations and side effects were not documented by the report. While the report only detailed the 3 million deaths as a result of drug use, countless other adverse health effects have been linked to popular pharmaceuticals such as cold and allergy medications.