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I have been overweight, weighing 320 pounds with severe acne bumps all over my body. After being on your program for 3 months I have lost 55 pounds and the acne has totally disappeared. I would get yeast infections every other month and extreme allergies, and these have all disappeared.. These problems have not come back because I stay committed to  Dr Akilahís program! With her help and love I have enough disciplined to stay on track! You are truly God sent. I have referred my entire family to Celestial Healing.                               

                                P. Armstrong, Norcross GA


THANK YOU for giving me answers to my 9 years of pain stricken Fibroid problem. During those 9 years, I suffered heavy blood clots, severe stomach pains, 10-day monthly menstrual cycle, hemorrhoids, sexual discomfort and the list goes on. Most doctors watched my progression of Fibroids increase from one to multiple, with sizes ranging from 5cm to 14cm. I still cannot believe the many physicians I have seen during those years that did not give me any clear-cut answers regarding my fibroid problem. My only solution, as recommended to me, was to undergo a hysterectomy. This was not an option for me, considering my young age, married and hoping to have children. 

I am so very glad that a good friend referred me to you. Since I have been under your care (6 months) and following your recommended plan, my life has changed tremendously. No more pains when using the bathroom, no hemorrhoid problems, a normal menstrual cycle and no sexual discomfort.  Overall my health and happiness has been restored. 

Now the good news!!!   I only have one 3cm fibroid to tackle. The doctors who reviewed my Ultra Sound and CT Scan have advised me to stay on your plan.  You are a true caring doctor and I would like you to know how much you are appreciated.  Please share my healing experience in hopes that others may benefit. God Bless you always 

,                               Anonymous, Atlanta GA


My name is Susie Mae Hillard and I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in February of 1991. My original symptoms were tingling and numbness in my left hand and foot. Since that time the same sensations appeared in my right half and foot, but not as bad. As time moved on my condition worsened so bad that I was unable to pick up my left leg.  In order for me to get from point A to point B I had to drag my left foot behind me. Shortly after that I begin to loose strength and dexterity in my left hand.  

The simplest things were difficult or next to impossible to do, such as turning on the shower faucet, opening cabinets and drawers, unlocking or locking my car or house doors. It was very frustrating and it made me irritable and impatient. I could not out stretched my fingers; they would simply droop. My vision began to get so blurry to the point that I feared I might go blind. I have tried physical therapy, chiropractics and various medications. Nothing helped me. I also had arthritis, psoriasis and chronic bronchitis. Every winter I would get a cold that would last from two to three weeks. Sometimes the colds would turn into the flu. 

In late fall of 1998 a friend of mine introduced me to the Dr Akilah. I went to her for nutritional consultations and hypnotherapy. After seeing her I started taking the recommend herbs and foods on my personalized program. Four days after I started, my arthritic pain went away and has not returned. Within a few weeks I noticed I was walking better and can now raise my left leg up and step on to a curb. I have also had gradual improvement in my left hand. I can turn on the sink faucet, open cabinets and drawers and lock and/or unlock doors with my left hand. I no longer have blurred vision, in fact, my vision seems sharper. I havenít had a cold since  the winter of 1998.  

Recently I noticed the flaky patches of psoriasis on my arms were gone and are disappearing from my chest. I also have renewed vitality. I don't get tired anymore, and I do not need a 2-hour nap every afternoon. I am not frustrated and irritable anymore. I have a whole new outlook on life and it looks so good from my point of view now. To me, Celestial Healing is the worlds best keep secret.

                            L. Wilson, Orlando Fl.


Before my husband I came to Celestial Healing we went almost everywhere for help. We couldn't afford anymore doctor bills and I was tired of buying different type of herbs and/or drugs with little to no results. Finally, after asking my Pastor to pray for our healing, he referred us to his personal Doctor in Marietta. He said that she helped him cure himself of Diabetes. Now I have to admit that regardless of my Pastorís testimony I was a little hesitant to call another holistic health practitioner, however, I knew that if my Pastor referred me to her then I should at least call. When I and talked with Dr Akilah personally on the phone, I fail in love with her personality. She was so warm and caring. I noticed how she took time to really listen to me and she was very sincere about it. When we met her in person I couldnít believe how much she taught us about our bodies and how to take care of them. I learned so much that I didnít want to leave. Her office was the only Doctorís office I left feeling good about the future. After being on her program for only three weeks the swelling in my ankles and knees went down tremendously and I am walking normally without pain. My husband hasnít had a migraine headache since he seen Dr Akilah. We both have so much energy that our children swear we are taking ďpepĒ pills.  Losing weight was not on our health list however; we both lost ten pounds and feel great.  Meeting Dr Akilah and her staff has been the best thing that has happen to me this year.

                                 Rosie Liverpool, Smyrna GA


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