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Akilah is the best trainer I have ever worked with. She knows how to get me in top shape without bulking me up, and she knows exactly how to pinpoint specific areas.

Samatha - Fayetteville, GA

I always look forward to my training sessions with Akilah. No matter how I feel when I enter the gym, I always have a great workout and leave feeling great. Akilah has helped me to become bigger and stronger than I ever thought possible. I had found it extremely difficult to gain muscle mass, but Akilah seems to be able to push me that extra bit that I needed to get the results I was looking for. Akilah has always been very professional in every conceivable way: her knowledge, punctuality, attention to detail, and her ability to develop my weak areas. Akilah always keeps up with the latest news in nutrition and supplements, and has always made her program work for me.

Matt - Kingsridge, GA

In a panic over an upcoming trip to Cancun I started training with Akilah. After the first 7 weeks, I am amazed at how quickly the weight, and more importantly, the inches have come off.  Akilah knows how to focus on those "problem areas" as well as getting the whole body balanced and toned.  I have trouble with my knees and lower back and Akilah was always sure to modify exercises and be mindful of not aggravating old injuries.  I feel fit, strong and finally comfortable in my own body. My only complaint is now I have to buy a whole new wardrobe!

Tracey - Summer Brooke, GA

Akilah began training me for my wedding in January of 2007, I was skeptical that I would see results (if any) from prior fitness experiences. However, I would quickly be proven wrong! Akilah is not only a talented and knowledgeable trainer, she is fun, energetic and surprisingly humorous. These qualities make it close to impossible to fail meeting your goals!

Originally, my goal was for my July wedding. Much to my surprise, I passed my goals within 2 months! I have never felt more beautiful and confident in my life. I am fortunate to have found
Akilah before my wedding, I have pictures I will treasure forever. 

Akilah is a trainer I recommend to everyone who is serious about reaching your fitness goals!

Patsy W.- Briarhill, GA

I like to choose my trainers carefully and, to this end, spent a great deal of time carefully watching the trainers in my gym from afar. What made Akilah stand out from the rest was her absolute dedication to her job. Fitness training is a clearly a vocation for Akilah, and she is absolutely committed to every one of her numerous clients. Working with her has given me new insight, motivation and, let's not forget, tone! I saw changes in my body after just two weeks, and continue to do so. If you are currently being trianed by Akilah you should feel lucky to work with her. I know I do.

Mike - Midtown Atlanta, GA

When I started training with Akilah, she helped me to change my eating habits.  I eat so much more healthy now and as a result have better muscle definition to show for it and I feel better.  The weight training helped me develop great definition and feel more powerful for my videos and for my photo shoots.  I’ve gotten so many compliments from people in the music business and just friends and family.  Akilah absolutely cuts you no slack, but you feel great as a result.  So it’s about feeling more powerful as well as being more powerful.  She's awesome and I highly recommend her

Tina - Unity Grove, GA

Dear Akilah,

When my neighbor Sharon recommended you as her personal trainer, I was turned off by my previous experience with a trainer I had in the recent past. She had thin legs and had me do her own workout consisting of thigh building exercises which were only further thickening my legs.

Your no - nonsense approach to improving my body was just what I needed. No more bulking exercises, but a unique workout designed to suit my body. My husband has been one of your strongest supporters, because he has seen the way you have sculpted my body for the better.

Akilah, you are an artist when it comes to sculpting bodies, both male and female. You customize the workout to the clients needs and manage to keep it fun and interesting. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is serious about starting a workout program where results are inevitable.

With much appreciation,

Delaney - Peachtree City, GA

When I came to Akilah I had no clue where to begin.  I knew I wanted to start competing in Fitness Competitions but did not know how to get the results I desired.  At the beginning of my program I was at 23.1% body fat.  Most competitors compete between 10% and 15%.  Not to mention I only had 12 weeks to prepare.  Now don't get me wrong I have always been an active person and ate fairly well for a normal person, but we all know that fitness competitors are far from "normal". 

Akilah evaluated my goals and and sent me a very easy to follow diet and exercise plan. Since she too is a fitness and natural bodybuilding competitor she knew exactly what to do to help me look great on stage. She gave me a list of good, acceptable foods and let me know what I needed to eat when.  The best part was how easy it was to follow. I didn't have to worry about counting calories or grams of protein or anything like that.  Every week I turned in my food journal and Akilah let me know what I needed to change.  It's a lot harder to cheat on your diet when you know you're going to be caught. 

Now that my competition is done and over with I have a greater knowledge of my body, training and nutrition. Oh by the way, I came in 2nd place for my very first fitness competition! I have Akilah to thank for that.  Even now that I consider myself seasoned I rely on Akilah's plan as my base to get me back on track during my off season. 

This woman knows her stuff!


Robin - Spivey Chase, GA


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