1. Can I watch these classes on my iPhone or Android Device?

Videos on Demand can be watched on any mobile devices such as: iPhones, tablets, android devices, etc instantly after payment.

Live Classes can not be viewed on any mobile devices. All Live Video Classes can only be viewed on a Laptop or Desktop computer. You will be able to download the audio courses directly to your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Unfortunately, this is not possible for live video streaming so we highly recommend that you watch your courses on a desktop or laptop computer. At the moment we do not have an app that will allow our students to watch live streaming videos while simultaneously having access to the chat feature. The chat feature allows students to have direct access to the teacher.

2. How does Video On Demand work and how soon can I view the video?

Video On Demand is simple and quick. Simply click on the add to cart button at the bottom of the video you wish to view. You will be taken to your purchase cart to make your payment. After making your payment your browser will immediately take you to the player page to view the content you just purchased. A direct link to the video will also be emailed to you for future use. Videos are available online for 3 - 7 days. Please note that the email address that you have registered with paypal.com will be emailed the direct video link.

3. How do I ask questions during class?

You can ask questions via the chat room. The link will be provided in your confirmation email. If you’re viewing the main LIVE feed you will find a button under the feed which says “show chat”, click on this and log in to join the worldwide audience in asking the instructor questions during class. The chat room will display next to the LIVE video feed. You can also ask questions via Twitter, watch your confirmation emails for details on how to do this! **NOTE** Some instructors will only allow questions after class. The chat room text box will be locked until the instructor unlocks it following the conclusion of class. Instructors who allow questions during class will also allow questions to be asked after class.

4.What are the system requirements for watching CHWC's Live Online Classes

System requirements:

Our videos are best viewed on a computer manufactured in the past couple of years with a good broadband internet connection (not dial-up). We also highly recommend using the latest version of Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer as your internet browser.

5. Can I watch my class from my computer at work and watch another class from my computer at home?

No. We have an IP tracking software that records your assigned username and password with the first IP address that log in our class portal. Only one IP address is allowed access to our paid classes. [Free classes are open to all] The first IP address that log in to the video class will be the only IP address that will have access to the video class. However, if another IP address use the same username and password it will boot them both out of the video class. When two or more IP addresses use the same username and password to access our video classes the account will be immediately terminated. This prevents students from giving away their username and password to others, thus allowing only paid members to have access to the video class.

6. Can I download the video classes to my computer?

No, the classes cannot be downloaded or recorded- only streamed. Our video files are too large to download and after a scheduled class has been broadcasted it is deleted from the server 12 hours later.

7. I'm having trouble downloading the class material. How do I solve this problem?

If you are having trouble downloading your class materials or other PDF's on our website, please make sure you have the most updated version of Adobe Reader (this is different from other Adobe programs such as flash.) This is available for free here: Download Adobe Reader

8. What are the minimum computer skills required?

Each student must be able to:

9. Do I have to separately pay for the material assigned to the class?

No, all books and files associated with the classes are included in the class price.

10. If I am having trouble viewing the video or accessing the chat room will I be able to get immediate help?

Yes, at the bottom of each video is a link to our online chat agents. This link will not navigate you away from the video class page. Please make sure that your computer meet our system requirements prior to purchasing a class. (Refer to question #3)

11. This all looks interesting but I have more questions before purchasing a class. Who do I contact for more information?

You can connect with our Live Chat Agents for an immediate response or email our online class director Kevin Wolfgang

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