Juice Fasting for Beginners Audio/Workbook


Dr. Akilah's Juice Fasting for Beginners Audio/Workbook combo is designed to be a starter kit with loads of information, fasting tips and recipes to help you get started with juice fasting and completing it successfully. After using this audio workbook series you'll be a home-juicing enthusiast in no time.

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One Audio File in Mp3 Format - 53 minutes
One eWorkbook in PDF Format

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The Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth and Repair

Hair is probably one of the first things you canít help but notice about a person when meeting them for the first time. This is especially true for women. Healthy hair always leaves a good impression, which is why proper hair care is very important.

To have healthy, strong and shiny hair, you will need to know how to take care of it. This book will show you how and then some. Included are step by step instructions on how to repair damaged or thinning hair in addition to making it grow. It also includes a variety of homemade, shampoo, conditioner, rinses, mask and oil recipes. This book covers all the bases for every hair type. Feel free to click on the link below to see for yourself.

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Fibroid Shrinking Recipes eBook

This Fibroid Shrinking Recipes ebook features over 145 nutrient-rich recipes that are easy to prepare and designed to lower estrogen and assist in the shrinking of fibroid tumors. This book is completely different than the softcover book so you don't have to worry about double recipes.


Similar to the soft cover book, this ebook also provides a step-by-step guide to help women nutritionally prepare a variety of dishes. However, the categories presented are breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, soups, salads, and a long list of recipes for juicing.


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Watch the video below to learn more about the Fibroid Shrinking Recipes eBook


Fibroid Shrinking Recipes Softcover and eBook Combo


Both books have completely different recipes created to lower estrogen levels and assist in shrinking uterine fibroid tumors. The ebook will be sent to the email address associated with your paypal account the day the soft cover book is shipped.



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The Cause, Cures and Prevention of Uterine Fibroids - Audio/Workbook Series

Dr Akilah El is the leading female Naturopath in fibroid tumor shrinkage and ovarian cyst elimination. She has helped women all around the world shrink their fibroids COMPLETELY without harmful drugs or dangerous surgery. Due to popular demand she has created an audio/workbook series teaching women to do the same thing. This is the download series.


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